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services - Our Services

Both the founders of the firm and the rest of the staff made up of more than 10 lawyers specializing in various areas of law, we will be pleased to address any concerns they have and provide solutions.

With total confidence they can request consultations, reports and legal opinions on any subject related to the law, thus providing them with the most information so that they can decide in the most appropriate way on what they should or want to do.

Our legal services are very extensive, covering various legal procedures that we can take care of ourselves without creating any concern for our clients.

Tax consultancy and planning, administrative litigation, tax, constitutional, labor, commercial, civil and arbitration, exchange regime, advice on the various aspects related to the exchange control system, tax advice and design of legal structures in acquisition processes, merger or reorganization of companies, national and international.

Labor consultancy, as well as hiring of personnel, divorce, tax audits, legal audits and control of subsidiaries, legal and fiscal advice in information technology, counseling in the criminal area, real estate law and urban planning and many other things is the topics that we can solve you.

In addition to writing any type of legal documents such as lawsuits, answers, appeals and appeals, complaints, complaints, administrative resources, and many other things. You can contact us through the info in “contact” here.