4 Rights Every Disabled US Veteran Should Be Aware Of

veteran - 4 Rights Every Disabled US Veteran Should Be Aware Of

America is known for striving to give its veteran the most opportunities it can to ensure their successful reintegration into society once their duties are finished. Some of those opportunities come in the form of a vast number of rights and benefits you may not be aware that you have, especially if you are a disabled vet.

Procuring yourself the right information will go a long way in letting you access all the resources the government has made available to vets with the hopes of increasing their quality of life.

Working Benefits

In America, most people are protected under anti-discrimination law, and you as a veteran also fall under this kind of protection. Freedom from discrimination entails that no US-based employer can use your military status or disability as a basis for not hiring you.

Also, the Americans with Disabilities’ Act (ADA), establishes that your future employer will have to provide reasonable accommodation for you once you enter the workplace, which means your employer has to help provide the conditions where you will be able to perform the job.

health - 4 Rights Every Disabled US Veteran Should Be Aware Of

Health Care

If you have been on active duty you can access health care benefits through the Department of Veterans Affairs’ Health Administration. Though complex rules apply regarding how fast and easily you will be able to access health care, most veterans get coverage according to their needs.

Disability’ Benefits and Pensions

Injuries that occur while in service as well as the aggravation of preexisting conditions can make you eligible for compensation or pensions depending on your particular case. Pensions will be accessed if your income is low, but you shouldn’t worry about that because your medical expenses will be subtracted from your income.

Social security is also available for disabled vets and it doesn’t harm your eligibility for the two benefit programs already mentioned.

Home Loans and Assistance to Homeless Veterans

The Department of Veterans Affairs offers loans to vets who desire to buy, build, refinance or make improvements on a home, and it also offers comprehensive, 24/7 aid and resources to vets who currently find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford housing.

Education and Training

If you are worried because you feel you spent so much time on service that you didn’t manage to train the adequate skills to be normally employed as a civilian, the VA is also able to provide the education and training necessary to help you get back to civilian life smoothly.

If none of this speaks directly to your situation but you still need help, there are numerous online and offline resources available for veterans to better help them exercise their rights. When in doubt, the Department of Veterans Affairs is a good place to start.

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