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Hello everyone, my name is Bobby Spadafora and I’m from London. With a group of friends that we met at the University of Cambridge in law school, we wanted to start a project related to our profession. Something that we do some time ago and has undoubtedly exceeded our expectations.

London Regency is a law firm where you will find all the legal services you need, from the hand of a professional, responsible and experienced in the area of law. Our goal is to please all our clients and obtain everything they request, providing a complete advice and cover all their needs and requests.

We have specialized professionals in the area of commercial law, civil, criminal, and many others. We take seriously the work of solving any problem you have.

The signature was constituted by myself and 4 other companions and friends, where you can find all information and advice in the area of Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, Banking, insurance, and reinsurance and International Commercial Law as well.

We have focused on specific segments, concentrating more on customer profiles and legal security. So don’t hesitate to contact us and trust in our knowledge, all our staff, and performance as professionals.

We are the option of those clients who want the best legal services, oriented to a permanent relationship and to work case by case. The Firm takes pride in designing products and offering services that meet any request that customers may have.

So far we have had more than 100 cases resolved successfully, pleasing the clients’ requests and ensuring their legal security, including international clients such as companies and people who are directors or CEO of different companies, as well as private clients.

Even some professionals of our team are working as professors of various universities in the United Kingdom in subjects such as civil law and commercial law.

We will carry over the faithful compliance with any rule that has been violated in reference to any area of law. We provide advice, write different types of documents, register or notarize. We also offer legal representation in civil, criminal, labor and many other areas. Contract specialists and many other things, and get hand in hand with expert professionals who guarantee the best service. Don’t hesitate to trust us, we will always try to protect your interests and obtain any benefit you need and are requesting, because the most important thing is to please our customers.